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Hi, I'm...

Mr. Clark

Social studies educator based in central New Jersey, proudly serving the students of Rahway Public Schools (Rahway, N.J.). Scroll down to learn more about me

or feel free to browse and download  lesson materials.


Social Studies




7th Year


Sayreville, N.J.


Teaching Experience

RHS Logo.png

High School

2017 - PRESENT

Social Studies Teacher

Full-time social studies teacher employeed at Rahway High School (Rahway, N.J.).

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Public Schools

2014 - 2015

Student & Substitute Teacher

Professional Intern (Senior field). Substitute in district after completion of internship.

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High School


Student Teacher

Pre-Professional Intern (Junior Field) completed weekly, on-site field work at WHS.



Kean Logo.jpg

Kean University
2012 - 2014

B.A. History

Graduated summa cum laude as a member of the Class of 2014. Attended through NJ STARS II (New Jersey Student Tuition Assistance Reward Scholarship).

MCC Logo.jpg

Middlesex College
2010 - 2012

A.A. Liberal Arts (Education)

Graduated with highest honors as a member of the Class of 2012. Attended through NJ STARS I New Jersey Student Tuition Assistance Reward Scholarship).


NJDOE Logo.jpg

New Jersey
Teaching Certificate

Social Studies (2300)

July 2019

Issued standard teacher certificate by the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE).

College Board_edited.png

AP Summer Institutes
College Board

July 2018, July 2022

30 hours of instruction at a College Board-endorsed AP Summer Institute: U.S. History, U.S. Government and Politics

Courses Taught

Extracurricular Activities


Class Advisor
2017 - 2022

Class co-advisor to the Rahway High School Class of 2022. Organized Senior Prom and related fundraising activities.

Co-advisor: Ms. Edie Rieder


2017 - 2019

Co-advisor of Rahway High School FIRST team #1228 (RoboTribe). Competed at regional competitions in 2018 and 2019.

Co-advisor: Mr. Steve Santner

icons8-leader-100 (1).png

Debate Club
2017 - 2023

Co-advisor of Rahway High School's "Speak Up" Club (Debate Team). Competed in local and intra-club debate competitions.

Co-advisor: Mr. Cliff Herrington


Rho Kappa
2021 - PRESENT

Faculty sponsor and advisor of Rahway High School's chapter of the National Social Studies Honor Society (Rho Kappa). Inducted students and organized annual community service opportunities. Visit Chapter Website

Praise and Commendations
The following feedback was anonymously submitted by students through an annual survey conducted as part of the teacher evaluation process.

"Mr.Clark's class is the best possible way to start my morning. I feel that he sets fair standards not dependent on the class yet on the student. He is very funny and compassionate which assists in making his lessons and teaching very interesting. Mr.Clark is one of the best teachers I have had in this school district."

"His class is so engaging and learning in his class is so enjoyable. I go home and tell my parents something I learned in his class every day. He encourages critical thinking and challenges our thinking. This is the class I look forward to the most, I look forward to this class more than I look forward to lunch or going home. Mr. Clark is enthusiastic and very knowledgeable and shouldn't be allowed to quit because he's the best teacher in the school."

"Mr.Clark is honestly without a doubt the best teacher I’ve ever had for all 12 years of schooling. He’s very enthusiastic and inspiring and really shows you that school can be something more than just 6 hours of stress."

"Mr. Clark is an exemplary teacher who cares deeply about the subjects he teaches and strives to make his classroom both interesting and inclusive, while also being knowledgeable on each part of his lessons."

"Mr. Clark's class is fantastic. you can tell Mr. Clark loves his his job and what he does by the way he treats all of us. I enjoy how it's a safe place to work and be yourself. He makes learning fun and engaging, and he offers me something to look forward to even on the worst of days. He teaches in a way that I have never been taught before, which helps me to excel in his class. I appreciate how much time and work he puts into his lessons every day, as well as how organized he is. Thank you for being a great teacher not just to me but also to my peers!"

"Mr.Clark has a very interesting varied teaching method similar to only one other teacher I've had and I can honestly say he is one of the best and most compassionate teachers I've had."

"Mr. Clark is a great teacher. Not only does he have great knowledge on history but he also knows a lot about life experiences and how to fit in life lessons along with history lessons. He finds a way to connect historical actions to real world decisions and its great and interesting."

"Mr.Clark is a great teacher from the second he walks in to the second he walks out of the building. It's very easy to tell he has a great personality and cares about each and every student. When i walk into his class I am more eager to learn than all my other classes. He teaches in a way I can understand, and pushes me to do better when he challenges me."

"Mr. Clark makes class a true learning experience. The way he teaches helps to truly grasp the lessons and understand what is being taught. Makes class an educational, yet enthralling period. Would not have him change a thing. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to learn from him. Genuinely one of, if not the greatest teacher I have had the honor to sit in the class of."

"Mr. Clark did an excellent job as a teacher. He understood everything he was teaching very well. He also found many ways to teach class and make it fun so we have a better understanding of the lesson. Mr. Clark is a teacher I wouldn't mind having for the rest of high school. I also liked how you gave us work that made us think and put more work and time into. There's not a lot I can say because this class was overall amazing and there isn't anything I would change."

"Mr. Clark was a great teacher and I am so glad I got to learn from him, and improve as a person and student during the year. The class was not easy all the time, but he always believed in me and made me work until I reached my full potential. I know sometimes we complained about the difficult or lengthy tests, but I know he is just trying to prepare us for AP classes or just be more prepared in general for the future. I don’t think Mr. Clark needs to improve or needs suggestions because he truly is an outstanding teacher. Mr. Clark made me like learning about history and let me be myself. I appreciate everything Mr. Clark did to make my freshman year the best it could be, especially academically."

"Honestly dope af and super duper talented love that man"

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